My name is Stella Quintero, I was born in Medellin, Colombia but I grew up in Bogota, where I studied Elementary and High School. Later in the year 1979 I started College studying Marine Biology at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

While studying I decided to explore in the fields of textile design, I took a course in "Artesanias de Colombia" with emphasis on techniques of hand woven and dyed fabrics, this course was very useful for my life as I entered in the field of warps and wefts crafting. This gave me the opportunity to practice in fabrics for cushions, tapestries. At that point I was using all kinds of materials such as wool, vegetable fibers, horsehair. Sometime later, driven by curiosity, I had the opportunity to learn a bit about the textile history of Pre-Colombian cultures of the South American continent.

In the mid 80s I spent some years in Chile, during which I devoted to the completion of some work done on looms as scarves and tapestries. I traveled and met some interesting places of the Andean highlands where I found the textile art is developed with great creativity.

I returned to Colombia in 90s and continued in my search and interest to explore some techniques of printing and dyeing textiles such as Batik and Plangi, with these techniques I had the opportunity to put in practice to create fabrics, cards and paintings, inspired by the beauty of nature such as flowers, fishes and butterflies.

I stopped on the way and I started to explore in the field of stained glass art guided by my sister who was in the learning stage, working together we made lamps, stained-glass panels, boxes, brooches and picture frames.

One day I found a book on mosaic techniques and my curiosity opened the door to enter the world of mosaics, this was fourteen years ago and since then I started making my first jobs. Accompanied with my family in early 2000 I came to Florida, finding a quiet place to live in Weston. In 2005 I had the opportunity to work in a Mosaic and Art Gallery, I found myself working in the workshop where I learned all the techniques and finishing processes for making mosaics, until a few months ago.

Currently I am dedicated to create and making decorative mosaics in my new endeavor Art-InVitro, using different types of materials such as art glass, mirrors, mosaics, Venetian tiles.

Welcome to Art-InVitro!

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